Monday, May 5, 2008

Mommy Olympics, Cinco de Mayo and a Recipe!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Is it 5:00 yet? It must be somewhere, right? Well, I'm ready!!!

It has been a few days since my last post, but not due to a lack of initiative or desire. It was Mommy Olympics time again...and this time, the games lasted for four days. Now, I know you aren't reading this because you need to know all the intimate details of my life, but are hoping to see some creative projects. I'll get to them...eventually. I am hoping to do SOMETHING tonight, but we'll just have to see. For now, I will explain WHY I haven't been able to do anything...

For those who know me, I suffer from a serious condition called Volunteeritis. It is not hereditary, nor contagious {although I wish it were sometimes!} I have been suffering with this condition for a long time. To date, there is no known cure. I have made promises to seek help, I have made New Years' resolutions, I have even tried isolation therapy, but somehow, volunteeritis seems to rear its ugly little head.

Normally, I only work 2 days a week {Tuesdays and Thursdays}. I am a preschool teacher and LOVE my little kiddies. I was asked to sub for another teacher {I feel an attack coming on...} and, being a conscientious team player, of course I said yes. I knew I had some major stuff to get done, but could spare my next {Friday} morning to work. I love the kids, so it really wasn't a big deal, unless you count, however, that I will be down on TIME...So I work Friday morning, but as things always seem to go for me, someone can't make it in the afternoon {uh-oh, another attack...} and guess who agrees to stay for the afternoon session...Yup, you guessed it, except that I have some major stuff I need to get done for today (Friday) and now I'm really cutting it close.{These things I have to get done...yup, I blame the volunteeritis!} Okay, so I am working and now I am beginning to panic. I have to get an Eiffel tower done for the multicultural festival tonight and I have a boy scout meeting as well. Hmmm...maybe I should just tell my director I can't stay the whole afternoon session...

Okay, so I leave work at 2pm with a grouchy preschooler in tow. Did I mention he had to come to work with me? He had a good time with his friends at school, but a full work day proved too much for the little boy...poor baby. Anyway, we get home and not 5 minutes go by when my neighbor calls me to remind me I missed my friend's son's birthday party....Oh s**t!!!! Now, I'm not one to use profanity at all, but this one warranted it! I fly over to my friend's house and apologize profusely for being such a FLAKE!!! {L--I really am sorry...and I swear I'll drop T's present off to you!!! and D--thanks so much for the phone call!!!} Okay, so now I'm at my friend's son's birthday and feeling like such a LOSER...the party ends and I'm off to making my Eiffel Tower. I realized I didn't get to the bank, but that's going to have to wait...

I finished putting my 6 foot tall Eiffel Tower together just as my 2 older boys arrive home. I instruct my oldest to get changed for his scout meeting while my middle one protests having to leave home for a meeting that doesn't involve him. Point taken, but I have no time for arguments...I get them all ready (now I'm really feeling sorry my my little guy...he's been everywhere today!) and we're off to my scout meeting.

The scout meeting went well and all is done, but now I have to rush the tower over to our elementary school. YES... chalk one up to the hubby...he's home on the early side and can take the boys home from the meeting while I run home, pick up the tower and run to school....{breathe, Maria, breathe...}

The tower has been delivered, I get home and now I need to get ready for a sleepover my oldest prince is having tomorrow night. I clean the house {and I mean CLEAN!!!} and put together the survival's now midnight and I get myself to bed.

Saturday morning...I am up and ready to tackle anything and everything. My husband and oldest are out at soccer practice and now I clean AGAIN...unfortunately, my 2 youngest thought it was a good idea to get up at 6am and feed themselves, AND the floor. Okay, so everything is clean, all errands have been completed and we wait for the arrival of our 4 ten year olds that will be sleeping over. Not too bad of a day so far...the boys arrive, they go out with my husband for a "boys' night out" and I am getting things ready for the evening. I make popcorn, mini hot dogs, cookies, ice cream cake (from scratch, sort of...thanks D!!! It was delicious!!!) and wait on the boys hand and foot. They are a really nice group of boys, so there was no barking of orders or impolite requests. They all got along, entertained themselves and always said "please" and "thank you." An absolute pleasure, in my book. Now, it's 1 am and it's time for bed...NOT! I think I finally gave up telling them to go to sleep at 3 am...I just couldn't stay awake any longer. I sent Peter, my husband, to tell them they NEEDED to go to sleep or the Monkey Bread I was going to make in the morning would not be possible.

Sunday morning...OMG...I can't even function!!! Meanwhile, the boys confess they put a movie on at 4 in the morning {OMG!!!} They are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed while I repeat to myself...come on, just a few more feet to the stove, come on, you can do it....My fingers refuse to bend and work any type of dough so I need to choose a shortcut to making the Monkey Bread.{Click on link for recipe} I hate to do it because it doesn't taste the same, but, Hey, they chose to keep me up all hours of the night so that I can't function! I'm rolling out little dough balls and making the monkey bread, my husband is the short order cook and making the pancakes, sausages and bacon and the boys are like puppies all around. Breakfast is served and the puppy-boys are nice and full. Meanwhile, the kitchen looks like a bomb hit it and all the sleep over stuff is all over my living room. Just a little while later, the parents are over picking up their children and my oldest along with my husband are getting ready for soccer at noon. The rest of the day is pretty much a blur, but the house is once again clean and ready. That's all that matters.

Monday morning...Okay, so the weekend festivities are done and I can finally get to some crafting, right? WRONG! I told you....I haven't been able to do anything creative! I need to get to the bank this morning and run a couple of errands, but nothing major. The boys are at school and all is well. I get to the bank with my million notes of things to take care of there and as I am being helped by the very nice customer service person, my phone's school. My middle sweetie has gotten sick at school and looks pretty pale. No problem, I say and I tell them I'll be there in 10 minutes. Well, to my dismay, the customer service person says, "I don't think you'll be there in 10 minutes...this is going to take a while." To make an extremely long story, short, I leave the bank, pick up my son from school, fit in a bathroom break for my little one and return to the bank (YES...I really needed to go and take care of stuff at the bank!!!) TWO HOURS later, I am done at the bank and I return to the comfort of my home with my two little munchkins behind me. I have tons of laundry to do and I have to find my oldest's baseball uniform for his first game today...can you say, "Calgon, take me away?" No problem, I'll get to those pretty little stamps before the day is out...that's a promise!!!

NOW, are you ready for that drink? Salud!!!